divendres, 19 de juliol de 2013

Sync gmail Contacts, Calendar and mail on Nokia 6710 Navigator

After a time trying to sync gmail, google calendar and google contacts with Nokia 6710 Navigator, I achieved it!!!

It is as easy as:

1)To sync gmail contacts and google calendar:

Go to: Menu=>Applications=>Email=> Add a mail for Exchange folder

Follow the instructions from google:
I have copied here:

To configure the Mail for Exchange application for Google Sync, follow these steps:
  1. Open the MfE folder on your phone and start the Mail for Exchange application.
  2. Select Yes when prompted to create a new Sync profile.

  3. Configure the profile with the following settings:

    * Connection
    • Exchange Server: m.google.com
    • Secure Connection: Yes
    • Access Point: your carrier's Internet access point
    • Sync while roaming: your preferred setting
    • Use default port: Yes

    * Credentials
    * Sync schedule
    • Decide when you want synchronization to happen. Leaving this Always On will ensure your data is always current, but will also consume more battery than other settings.

    * Calendar
    • Synchronize Calendar: Enable or disable
    • Sync Calendar back: your preference
    • Initial Sync: Decide if you want to keep existing Calendar events on your phone or replace them all with events synced from Google Calendar.
    * Tasks
    • Synchronize Tasks: No (currently not supported by Google Sync)
    * Contacts
    • Synchronize Contacts: Enable or Disable
    • Initial Sync: Decide if you want to keep existing Contacts on your phone or replace them all with contacts synced from Google.
    * E-mail
    • Synchronize Email: Disable
    • E-mail address (default based on profile)
    • Show new mail popup (yes/no)
    • Use signature (default to no)
    • Signature
    • When sending mail (default: send immediately; alternative is send at next sync only)
    • Sync messages back (default: 3 days; alternatives are 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, all messages)

     2) Configure gmail:

    To start using gmail,
    Go to: Menu=>Applications=>Email=> Add new email.
It asks you for your username and password and...

That's ALL!!

If you have any question or suggestion you can add a comment...