dissabte, 20 de maig de 2017

Connecting a remote X client via SSH. Abrir aplicación gráfica via ssh.

The use of "ssh -X" enables a secure connection from a local X server to a remote application server.
Set "X11Forwarding " entries to "yes" in "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" of the remote host, if you want to avoid "-X" command-line option.
Start the X server on the local host.
Open an xterm in the local host.

Run ssh(1) to establish a connection with the remote site as the following.

localname @ localhost $ ssh -q -X loginname@remotehost.domain

Run an X application command, e.g. "gimp", on the remote site as the following.
loginname @ remotehost $ gimp &
This method can display the output from a remote X client as if it were locally connected through a local UNIX domain socket.

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